Peyronies Treatment

You have come to look for Peyronies treatment and chances are you have known about Peyronies disease. You may have known what had caused the penis curvature, how you identify it or maybe you are facing the difficulty and pain having this peyronies disease.

Peyronies Disease

peyronies treatmentIf you are not clear yet, let me briefly explain what is Peyronies disease. The name of Peyronies disease came from a famous French surgeon name François de la Peyronie in the 18th century. Until now, there is no certainty of what actually causing this disease.

Generally, it is known that there are some kind of plaque (Peyronies Plaque) developing inside the penis that is affecting the growth or erection of the penis. The uncertainty is surrounding what actually causing the plaque or lump. It could be because of injury caused by accident or trauma, it could be genetics, autoimmune factors and maybe potentially caused by prolong usage of drugs.

But maybe you know or suspect that you or whoever you are trying to help had developed some kind of symptoms of Peyronies disease.

At the early stage of Peyronies, you may not aware of such problem because Peyronies is a kind of disease that normally grow over a long period of time. But you may start to notice that penis is starting to curve depending on where the plaque is formed.

Peyronies Complication

Well, if you notice the early symptoms and did not do anything about it, it could cause complications such as Penile Curvature or bending, shorten of penis, hardening of tissue on other area of the body, urethra obstruction or blockage, pain during erection, impotent (erectile dysfunction) and severe psychological effects due to inability to perform sex and also the embarrassment in front of your girlfriend(s).

You may be asking if this disease will cure by itself, unfortunately, improvement will be unlikely and majority of men will get into worse situation.

Treatment for Peyronies Disease

What are the options for this Peyronies treatment? Is surgery the only way to cure it? Well, surgery is the only last option if all alternatives failed. Luckily, there are a couple of peyronies treatments you can consider.

1. Vitamin E supplements was cited as a cure for penile curvature, however, there is no concrete evidence that this vitamin alone heal Peyronies. Besides, vitamin E need bile for absorption as only 25% of the vitamin is absorbed via mouth. It may not be effective using this method.

2. Drug Injections – injection of drugs like the POTABA had been used by experts to cure the plaque, curvature and pain caused by Peyronies disease. However, this method has a drawback. As it is a synthetic drug, it has potential harmful side effects.

3. Traction-based Penis Extender – among all the methods for Peyronies treatment and this is the most promising method as so far, this extender has impressive success rate in treating penile curvature.

4. Radiation treatment – With this treatment approach, the plaque is treated using radiation to reduce pain, but this method does not reduce or eliminate the plaque and unwanted side effects or worsening of the disease may occur.

Best Way To Treat Peyronies

The best Peyronies treatment will be using a device proven to cure curved penis. This traction-based stretcher has been endorsed by many doctors and surgeons. Besides, it is a natural way to heal it thus giving you the permanent solution.

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As things go, even if you realized that you may not be facing this Peyronies disease, it is good that you know this alternative way and it is better to prevent this disease rather than curing it. Save up and get this device because not just to cure Peyronies disease, it can make your penis longer and bigger thus improving your confidence in from of your girlfriend(s) or wife.

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